Key Frames

  • Ileocolic and superior mesenteric vessel pedicles are located
  • Identification of the duodenum, medial to lateral mobilization, mesenteric vein dissection
  • Ileocolic vessels origin dissection and central ligation
  • Tailored lymphadenectomy regional and extraregional lymphnodes ICG guided
  • Division of right branch of middle colic pedicles
  • Division of the transverse mesocolon and transverse colon, colon transection after ICG test
  • Division of the small bowel mesentery and the terminal ileum using fluorescence
  • Mobilization of the cecum and ascending colon to the hepatic flexure
  • Intracorporeal side-to-side anastomosis ICG tested
  • Enterotomies closure

Dott. Riccardo Morici: Robotic Right CME ICG Guided

Intervention Description


Male / 69 yo

BMI 27

No previous surgery

Colonscopy: Ileo-cecal tumor

CT Scan: no metastatic disease

The ileocolic and superior mesenteric vessel pedicles are located. The small bowel and the omentum are displaced and the transverse colon and the ileocecal junction are towed cranially and laterally respectively. These tractions tent up the root of the mesentery and the right mesocolon, displaying the ileocolic and superior mesenteric vessels clearly, even in very obese patients. The superior mesenteric vein is first exposed and the origin of the ileocolic vessels are identified and then ligated from the superior mesenteric vessels.

A medial-to-lateral approach creates a mesenteric window, just inferior to the ileocolic vascular pedicle. The right retrocolic space between the mesocolon and the right pre-renal fascia is the natural surgical plane, which is extended laterally and cranially. The inferior part of the duodenum is the first exposed structure, followed by the uncinate process of pancreas.

The superior mesenteric vein is skeletonized cranially, seeking the inferior part of the pancreatic neck, where the middle colic vessels branch out from the superior mesenteric vessels. During the operation the Firefly system can help to identify the presence of fluorescence regional and extraregional lymphnodes, hence a tailored lymphadenectomy could be made, enhancing the chance of oncological accuracy.

The transverse colon was mobilized up to the hepatic flexure along the prior plane of dissection as well as the ascending colon, joining the right retrocolic plane. Then, the gastrocolic ligament was divided near the greater gastric curvature. The right colon was completely mobilized once the distal ileum had also been dissected.
Then, indocyanine green was injected to assess the vascularization of the transverse colon, at the level of the anastomosis. Vessels lit up under the camera, marking the site for the anastomosis, showing a correct vascularization. The same process was followed for the distal ileum. The transverse colon was sectioned using an endoGIA, as was the distal ileum.

A functional side-to-side intracorporeal anastomosis between the ileum and the transverse colon was performed. Two enterotomies were made on each side and an endoscopic stapler was introduced to create the anastomosis. The enterotomies were closed with a V-lock suture. The anastomosis was checked once more with indocyanine green, revealing a perfectly irrigated anastomosis.

Primo Operatore

Dott. Riccardo Morici

MD PhD                                                                                            Azienda Università Policlinico San Marco Catania
Tel.: 095 3781585

Secondo Operatore

Prof. Antonio Biondi

Medico Chirurgo Azienda Università Policlinico San Marco Catania
Tel.: 095 3781585

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