Key Frames

  • Dissection of biliary tract and and preparation to choledocotomy
  • Choledocotomy, stones extration and water high pression washing
  • Choledocoscopy with demonstration of stone in low choledochus
  • Dormia introduction and stones extration
  • Stone extration
  • Choledocoscopy
  • T tube insertion and suture of choledocoscopy

Prof. Sergio Castorina: Laparoscopic treatment of choledocolytiasis

Intervention Description

The movie shows the laparoscopic treatment of choledocolytiasis. Stones extraction is performed with Dormia catheter and water high pression washing. Choledocoscopy is also performed. T tube in inserted at the end of the procedure.

Primo Operatore

Prof. Sergio Castorina

MD Facs Ordinario di Anatomia Umana Università di Catania
Chirurgo - CCD Morgagni Catania
Tel.: +39 095238513

Secondo Operatore

Dott.ssa Nancy Nicolosi

Chrirurgo CCD Morgagni Catania
Tel.: 095238513

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