Key Frames

Prof. Sergio Castorina: Laparoscopic anatomical dissection in rectal surgery

Intervention Description

This movie shows main anatomical landmarks in laparoscopic rectal surgery.The procedure is realized only using monopolar scissors. The aim of the movie is to elate the role and the respect of anatomical planes in laparoscopic colorectal surgery.This clinical case concerns the laparoscopic treatment of a villous adenoma with metaplasia at 8 cm from anal margin.

Primo Operatore

Prof. Sergio Castorina

MD Facs Ordinario di Anatomia Umana Università di Catania
Chirurgo - CCD Morgagni Catania
Tel.: +39 095238513

Secondo Operatore

Dott.ssa Ornella Coco

Medico Chirurgo CCD Morgagni Catania
Tel.: 095238513

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