Key Frames

  • Coloepiploic detachment.
  • Access to the lesser sac.
  • Min treitz ligamenet section.
  • Min dissection of Told’s Fascia.
  • Min clipping and section of IMV.
  • Min mesocolon incision an access to the epiplon retrocavity.
  • Min pancreatocolic ligament division.
  • Min parietocolic ligament division.

Dott.ssa Vanessa Bertino: Splenic flexure mobilization. How I do it

Intervention Description

Splenic flexure mobilization currently represents a moment of decisive importance in colorectal surgery. The execution of this maneuver allows the packaging of a tension-free colorectal anastomosis. In this video we show a standardized splenic flexure mobilization technique that we now use routinely.

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