Key Frames

  • Prolapsed mucosal incision.
  • Pursestring placement.
  • Mechanical anastomosis.

Dott. Davide Mascali: Altemeier procedure in young patient

Intervention Description

The operation was performed with the patient placed in the prone lithotomy position. Absorbable 2-0 sutures were used and the Lonestar Retractor provided exposure. The ligasure device was used for hemostasts and dissection. Rectal mucosa was incised; Opening of the hernial sac containing rectus-sigma. We proceed to section of the meso with ligatures. Section of the upper rectum and pursestring placement. Pursestring placement on the mucous membrane of the anal rim. Placement of Pph 03 and coloanal anastomosis. Hemostasis with vicril 2-0.


Primo Operatore

Dott. Davide Mascali

Dirigente Medico

Ospedale Arnas Garibaldi – Catania


Secondo Operatore

Dott. Anna Campione

Medico Ospedale Arnas Garibaldi – Catania

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