Key Frames

  • Patient positioning
  • Hepatogastric ligament section
  • Gastroepiploic ligament section
  • Section of the lower third of the gastric body
  • Identification and pyloric underpass
  • Duodenal Section
  • Proximal duodenal overedge
  • Gastro-jejunal anastomosis
  • Colecistectomy
  • Fibrin glue on duodenum and anastomosis
  • Hepatic bed hemostasis
  • Perianastomotic drainage
  • Specimen

Dott. Francesco Ferrara: Videolaparoscopic gastroresection in patient with GIST and Colecistectomy

Intervention Description

74-year-old woman with HCV, cholelithiasis, pendulous angioma of the left liver lobe, pulmonary interstitial disease, allergic to Ursodeoxycholic acid. For some months post-prandial episodic epigastrialgia with frequent belching and food vomiting. By EGDS examination, evidence of swelling with likely extramucosal departure at the antral level projecting into the lumen for about 4 cm in diameter. It is proposed surgery procedure in videolaparoscopy.

Primo Operatore

Dott. Francesco Ferrara

Medico Chirurgo

Ospedale Arnas Garibaldi – Catania

Secondo Operatore

Dott. Gastone Veroux

Ospedale Arnas Garibaldi Centro – Catania


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