Key Frames

  • Exploration of the abdominal cavity
  • Identification and drainage of the pericolic abscess
  • Mobilization of the sigmoid colon
  • Vascular sections and underpass of the sigmoid colon
  • Resection
  • Recanalization

Prof. Luigi Piazza: Videolaparoscopic Hartmann sigmoid resection for complicated acute diverticulitis and ricanalization

Intervention Description

This video offers an overview of the surgical technique for distal pancreatic resections in the open and laparoscopic technique. In the last part of the video technical errors are shown that lead to intraoperative bleeding and consequent conversion.

Primo Operatore

Prof. Luigi Piazza

Direttore U.O.C. di Chirurgia Generale Ospedale Arnas Garibaldi

Secondo Operatore

Dott. Gastone Veroux

Ospedale Arnas Garibaldi Centro – Catania


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