Key Frames

  • Inferior landmark for section of the gastroepiploic ligament.
  • Dissection of the major curvature.
  • Short gastric vessel section.
  • Section of the gastroepiploic ligament 5cm away from the pylorus.
  • Calibrated gastric transection.
  • Gastric extraction using endobag.
  • Drainage placement.

Prof. Luigi Piazza: Sleeve Gastrectomy surgical technique

Intervention Description

This video describe our sleeve gastrectomy surgical tecnique. The patient is placed in thesupine position with open legs. A total of 4 trocars are positioned. The operation starts with the opening of the gastroepiploic ligament and the dissection of the major curvature starting 5cm away from the pylorus. A 36 French orogastric bougie is placed adjacent to the pylorus. The gastric tube is then created. The section starts 5cm away from the pylorus. The stomach sectioned is extracted using an endobag. The staple line along the remaining tubularized stomach is then tested for any leak through methylene blue dye test. The procedure ends with hemostasis revision and drainage placement.

Primo Operatore

Prof. Luigi Piazza

Direttore U.O.C. di Chirurgia Generale Ospedale Arnas Garibaldi

Secondo Operatore

Dott. Ezio Trusso

Ospedale Arnas Garibaldi

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